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Morning Star, October 14, 2007, pg. 4

A reminder: Today, Sunday October 14 is my Riverside Cemetery tour. It begins at 1:30 pm. at the former fishpond in the center of the Cemetery. What a great time we had at Albion’s new Amaizing Corn Harvest gathering this past Saturday! If you didn’t get one of the special commemorative pins (only 300 were made), contact Anna’s House of Flowers at (517) 629-5583 for more information. From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of one of these cute Albion corn pins.

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending October 3, 1907: “Bert Henderson, colored, whom Constable Furner shot in the hip while he was trying to escape arrest on a larceny charge, pleaded guilty and was received at the county jail for a sixty day stay.”

“Albion Woman Selling Liquor. Wednesday afternoon, Deputy Sheriff Mallory arrested Rosa Jaglosz, one of the Russians at the Malleable Addition, on a warrant sworn out by Sheriff Graham, charging her with selling liquor without a license. Rosa was up to her arms in a wash tub, when Mallory invited her to go to Marshall with him and she refused to listen to the pressing invitation, until an interpreter explained the case to her. It is a safe bet that the evidence is strong enough to convict Rosa of selling beer to her fellow countrymen and also to some who are not her countrymen.”

October 10, 1907: “Rosie Jaglosy of Albion, pleaded guilty to violation of the liquor law and paid a fine of $25 and $25 in costs.”

“William Leonard, proprietor of the Duck Lake resort, pleaded guilty in Justice Deuel’s court in Marshall Thursday, to running a slot machine in his store. William said he could have beaten the prosecution if he had cared to fight the case but decided it was cheaper to pay. The case against him for selling liquor was adjourned until October 17.”

“Albion is not a sympathetic place for tramps. one James Miller, seemingly one of the ‘vag’ order, who was trying to earn an honest meal, Tuesday, by begging from door to door, slept behind the bars of the city ‘jug’ that night, and Tuesday Justice McCutcheon gave him 20 days board on the county.. Constable Tibbitts offered to get the man, who is large and husky, work on a farm, but he smilingly but firmly refused.”

Week ending October 24,1907. “Leonard Bound over. Thursday morning in Justice Deuel’s court, William Leonard of Clarence Township, charged with selling one glass of lager beer and a quantity of whiskey to two Detroit detectives September 18, at his place at Duck Lake without a license, was bound over to the November term of court by Justice Deuel.”

“Burned by Exploding Oil. Sunday morning about 7 o’clock, Robert Wendell, who lives at 1103 Syndenham St., attempted to hasten the burning of the fire in his stove by pouring kerosene from a full can and today he is lying at the point of death. The can exploded, throwing the burning oil over his body and the explosion mangled his hands and face.”

“Olivet 73, Albion 0. The Albion College team met a decided defeat at the hands of Olivet last Saturday, on the latter’s grounds. The score was 73 to 0, which truly indicates that Albion was outclassed from start to finish. Olivet probably has the best team of her history, and had no trouble with Albion’s smaller men.”

Albion Corn Pin


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