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Morning Star, May 4, 2008, pg. 3

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending May 7, 1908. “Endurance Run Passes Through City. 30 Automobiles Passed Through Albion. A large crowd of onlookers gathered at the Hotel Albion corner Friday morning to watch the cars pass in the 450-mile endurance run under the auspices of the Detroit Automobile Dealer’s Association. At 8:25 the first car rounded the turn at Austin and Superior and came down Superior at a rate of speed which shattered all former efforts on Baptist hill. At the Hotel corner the confetti which the advance car had scattered showed the racers a turn and the big Franklin car was off towards Jackson.”

“Mayor McAuliffe Roughly Handled. Albion has been insulted and that by a M.U.R. conductor. Our Mayor was forcibly ejected from a local car at the car barns Monday, and to add injury to insult his left hand bears a deep imprint of Conductor Orns’ teeth. According to report, it was only after three employees of the road took a hand in the ejectment proceedings that Mayor McAuliffe consented to allow himself to be put off.”

Week ending May 7, 1908: “Grover Cleveland, age 16, passed away Sunday afternoon and is now barking at the heels of some Indian pony in the happy hunting grounds. Grover was owned by Mr. Will Sterling and in his life was a small fat specimen of dogdom said to be gifted with much intelligence. Grover was given a decent funeral and he will be missed by his former owner.”

“Last Monday Welch Stevens was arrested on a warrant charging him with buying to brushes of J.C. Eslow, valued at $1.15, and having them charged, giving his name as Charles E. Wilson. The sale it is claimed was made last year and the goods have never been paid for.”

“Mr. Albert Lutka, of Freeport, Michigan, is visiting relatives and friends in and around Albion. Mr. Lutka came to South Albion about 50 years ago and when asked as to just what year, he replied that it was the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Mr. Lutka and his family lived opposite the McCutcheon farm in South Albion.

Week ending May 14, 1908: Mayor McAuliffe Under Arrest. “I’ll admit I did use some strong language, but I did not use the words cited in the complaint, and I’ll fight the case to the Supreme Court before I plead guilty,” declared Mayor Dan McAuliffe of Albion Friday afternoon, when arraigned in Justice Bidwell’s court in Battle Creek on a charge of using indecent, profane and insulting language in the presence of women and children. The mayor was arrested on a criminal charge on the strength of a complaint signed by a former conductor (Henry Orns) of the Michigan United, resulting from a dispute had last Monday on the way from Albion to Marshall. Orns paid a fine of $2 and costs in Justice McCutcheon’s court but it is also claimed that the incident cost him his position on the road. McAuliffe’s trial was set for May 25.”

Week ending May 21, 1908. “James Hill, a colored boy, who was arrested here 10 days ago for stealing a ride on a Michigan Central train, was arrested again Thursday. The charge against him this time is drawing a razor on John Dean.” “C.E. Hillis went to Lansing today and took Charles Titus of Albion to the state industrial school. He is 14 years of age and sent to that institution until he is 17 years of age by Judge Hamm.”

Week ending May 28, 1908. “Russians Again Break Loose. After a lull of some months in which the Russians at the Malleable addition have kept out of the police courts, four Russians broke looks this morning and looted a more fortunate countryman. The quartette entered the home of Helen Ignatuk and stole about $75 cash, and the trunk of one of Helen’s boarders, Paul Leznevicz. Interpreter Hayman rounded out the colony and founded that Jim Corgan, Eddie Okunevicz, Adam Kukula, and Foma Pietruk were missing. Officer Mallory was notified and the chase was on. Mr. Mallory found that the quartette had scattered into the country and at last reports he had captured a Russian north of Marengo.”


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