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Morning Star, June 28, 2009, pg. 13

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending July 1, 1909: “Alderman Conrad recommended that the old fountain in front of the National Bank [NOTE: present location of the drinking fountain in front of the closed Fedco store] be raised to the sidewalk level and the hole filled in, but some of the fathers said that the water was supplied by a spring and would not rise to the street level, so the matter was left over to the next meeting. This spring was formerly under the bank building, but by the kindness of pioneer Jesse Crowell, was brought out into the street, and for years was the only free public drinking place on Superior St. The public has become so familiar with the old landmark, or rather watermark, that accidents from walking into the hole are unknown. Now that the town has gone dry, [Note: a reference to local prohibition], pedestrians will be able to steer their way clear of the yawning chasm with little difficulty.”

Week ending July 8, 1909: “Eckford. George Tuchtenhagen of Homer, was at the home of his brother John, the first part of the week. He was assisting in getting ready for the haying and was being drawn to the peak of the barn to repair the track and when nearly to the top, the rope broke and he fell to the floor in a sitting posture. His spine was injured and he is in a very critical condition.”

“Former Albion Man Suicides. Sunday morning Archie Callahan, age 21 years, formerly of this city, ended his life with an old revolver. He has been night clerk at the Bismark hotel in Battle Creek. About a year ago his arm was amputated, and since that time he has been despondent.”

Week ending July 15, 1909. “Albion is to have an Airdome. [Note: an outdoor theater]. This is quite a distinction as the only other towns in Southern Michigan which have domes of this sort are Flint and Grand Rapids. Mr. Eslow’s Airdome will have a seating capacity of 1,000 and will be located between the Lottie Eslow block and the Furey cigar store [Note: on the north side of W. Porter St.]. The Airdome will be 160 feet long by 60 feet wide, and the stage, which will be built against the Furey building, will be 30 feet deep and 50 feet wide. There will be 300 reserved seats, and bleachers which will seat six or seven hundred more.”

“Mrs. Harriet Seymour, of Chicago, who attended the funeral services of Mrs. Rose Shuart, was the first white child born in Marengo Township. She is 74 years of age and the year before her birth her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Durkee Rogers, came to Marengo Twp. from New York.”

“The marriage of Genevieve E. Dew and John F. Voss of Grand Rapids was solemnized this morning at the home of the bride in Albion, Rev. Charles Emerson Huffer officiating. There were no attendants, and the wedding was witnessed by relatives only.”

“Superintendent W. J. McKone is adding another room to his house on [215] Austin Ave., and building a porch.”


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