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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, August 30, 2009, pg. 6

Here are the persons I will be featuring at my annual Riverside Cemetery Tour on Sunday, October 11: Clothing merchant Charles Ashdown (1865-1930); farmer William Bliss (1842-1901); art teacher Sybil Robinson (1873-1944); and her famous reporter niece, Gwen Dew (1903-1993); Malleable foreman Ross Green (1880-1955); Albion’s first city treasurer Wellington Bidwell Crane (1847-1901); saloonist John Fox (1859-1929); postmaster Frank Irwin (1863-1947); Saloonist Ernest Boldt (1874-1964); Waldenwoods Conference Center Director Donald Dearing (1894-1990) and his librarian wife Florence Baker (1895-1961); drowning victim Donald Richardson Dungey (1917-1922); pioneer Frederick Belcher (1824-1908); California gold rush success man James Peabody (1829-1903); landscaper Thomas Geal (1872-1937); German patriarch John Wochholz (1838-1903); Albion Recorder printer William Gleason (1855-1935); physician Dr. William Collins (1825-1902); Homestead Savings president L.J. Wolcott (1849-1931); Malleable 61-year employee Charles Kopp (1880-1960); Civil War veteran Willard Durkee (1845-1928); Albion College President Louis Ransom Fiske (1825-1901); and J.C. Penney store manager Donald White (1907-1956).

We continue with our theme of: “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending September 2, 1909: “Mr. Otto Pahl, who is the very efficient sexton at Riverside Cemetery, has traded his home on S. Eaton St. for the personal effects of John Wochholz on the farm which Mr. Wochholz recently sold to Mr. Jeffries. The farm is located about 5 miles southwest of the city, and Mr. Pahl has rented it for the coming season. He expects to move onto the farm soon.”

Week ending September 9, 1909: “The new West Eckford Methodist Church has been completed and the dedication will take place next Sunday. The new edifice which is entirely free of debt, cost about $4,000 and is one of the handsomest and most up-to-date country churches in southern Michigan.

Week ending September 16, 1909: “Devereaux has taken a boom, and without any assistance from the businesmen’s association of that place, a new creamery is being erected. The sign which will grace the front of the 16 X 42 building will read, “Elmer Creamery Co.” The company includes Messrs. Ross, Irwin, and Elsworth Elmer, and the creamery building is erected on their farm, just west of the village store.”

“The management of the Coliseum Skating rink are putting the finishing touches on the interior of the big hall, preparatory to the opening of the roller skating season. The rink will continue under the management of Richardson & Richards, who conducted it last season.”

Week ending September 23, 1909: “George Mindeman Not Guilty.” The case of the people Vs. George Mindeman went to the jury late Monday afternoon. Mr. Mindeman is the man who two years ago was in Albion for the purpose of promoting the Charlotte and Albion railroad. While staying here about $2,000 worth of diamonds owned by Mrs. Sarah Murdock came up missing and it was alleged that Mindeman stole them.”

Week ending September 30, 1909: “Victor Coulson while at work in the Spring Works this morning, caught the fingers of his right hand in a coiler and very nearly got them mixed up irretrievably with the wire. As it was it will be some days before his hand will be in shape to work. All of which simply goes to prove that a man may be a Victor and a victim at the same time.”


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