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Albion 100 Years Ago - July 1911

Morning Star, July 3, 2011, pg. 6

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We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago.” Week ending July 6, 1911. "Friday evening was the date set for the hearing of protests against the paving of Michigan Ave. from Superior to Mingo Sts. with macadam and the construction of the combined curb and gutters therein. The estimate cost is $21,240.04.”

"Mrs. Palmer Montgomery Dearing left today for Bay View to spend the summer at the family cottage. She will be joined at Kalamazoo by her son Harold and Miss Stella Coney.”

"Sealed proposals for heating and ventilating of the new Charles F. Austin School will be received by the Trustees of the Public Schools of Albion, said proposals to be either hot air or steam system, with forced ventilation by use of a fan.”

"These scorching days cause large demands to be made upon the city waterworks. Yesterday the electric pumps at the plant pumped over a million gallons form the city wells, the exact amount being 1,097,200 gallons. This amount is just about a record for this city and still the water takers did not commence to use the supply on the streets and yards for cooling purposes until after 5 pm.”

"Albion people see coronation. Two former Albion residents, Mrs. Madalon Leffingwell and son, Don Riley, are visiting in London, England. An Albion friend received a letter from Mrs. Leffingwell Thursday in which she tells of the opening days of the coronation celebration.”

"The Recorder has several big bundles of old newspapers for sale for five cents each.”

"While at work scalding hogs at the Talmage & Bauer slaughterhouse east of the city Monday afternoon, Frank Trunzer slipped and fell backwards into a tank of boiling water set on the floor. Had not the man reached for the timely assistance of Claud Goodall and William Wolcott, the accident might have resulted more seriously.”

Week ending July 13, 1911: "Dr. Ruff, veterinary surgeon, son of Joseph Ruff of this city, was overcome by the heat at his rooms in Marshall Saturday morning. He had just returned from a call to the country and had gone to his room. The family below heard a thud on the floor and going to his apartment found him unconscious. He is reported as recovering steadily.”

Week ending July 20, 1911: "Michigan Avenue will be paved. The question of bonds carried Monday by a majority of 47 votes. The new pavement will be 36 feet wide, and 3,614 feet long.”

"New Enterprise for Albion. Mr. D.O. Holden of Battle Creek was in the city Tuesday and stated that work on the coal fields northeast of the city will be started soon, a company having been organized in Jackson last week. Last fall Mr. Holden was in Albion and secured leases on several hundred acres of land on the farms belonging to William Boyd, Albert Young and others residing about three miles north [Note: 29 Mile Road north of Albion] of the East Ward schoolhouse.[Note: Located at Five Points]”

Week ending July 27, 1911: "Black Ditch Sewer Settled. Chairman Baker of the Finance Committee of the Common Council recommended the construction of a sewer in the district now traversed by what is familiarly known as the black ditch. According to the ideas of the board of Public Works, the sewer will be constructed from Eaton St. across lots to a spot near the junction of Erie St. and Dalrymple Boulevard, thence west to Gale St. and north on Gale St. to the Kalamazoo River. The old black ditch winds from S. Clinton St., across the marsh and Dalrymple Boulevard and circles around to the rear of the Gale works. It is a trough of muck and slime which has contained stagnant water in the hot months of the year and breeds millions of germs every summer. The fact that it will be replaced by a large drainage sewer which will not only contain the waste water of the lowlands of that vicinity, but will benefit private property owners as well, will make it the best piece of sewer work done in the city. It is planned to have it half completed by fall.”

Advertisement: "We are Not Leaving Albion. But we are discontinuing the hardware business to enter the plumbing, heating and tinning business exclusively. Oakley & Fahrion. Open evenings.”


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