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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - September 1911

Morning Star, August 28, 2011, pg. 11

I’ve just returned from vacation, which consisted of pre-historic megalodon shark tooth fossil diving in the Atlantic Ocean 25 miles off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina in 95 feet of water for three days. What an experience! From our Historical Notebook this week is pictured the oldest item I’ll ever illustrate in this column. It’s a 4 ½ inch megalodon shark tooth I found buried in the sand. For every inch of tooth, there was supposedly 10 feet of shark. I’m glad they are extinct.

Pre-Historic Megalodon Shark Tooth from Wilmington NC

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago.” Week ending September 7, 1911. "Coal Mine Near Albion. In the near future, this city will have a new industry, that of coal mining. It has been known here for several weeks that a company of Jackson and Battle Creek men were prospecting for coal on the farms of William Boyd, Albert young, and others north of the city.”

"John Fox is having the beach at Montcalm Lake cleaned up with the intention of having accommodations there for bathers the remainder of the summer. The weeds are being cut out and the shells and stones are being raked off. This will make the lake a much more desirable resort for Albion people.”

Seek ending September 14, 1911. "Sons of Veterans Will Organize. Albion will have a camp of Sons of Veterans. This was decided at a meeting held in the G.A.R. Hall last night.”

"Albion Woman Killed at Petoskey. Word was received here yesterday afternoon of the death in Petoskey of Mrs. Catherine Young of this city, the mother of Mrs. George Bullen and a sister of Mr. William Rodenbach. She was struck by a suburban train on the G. R. and I, and was instantly killed. The accident occurred but a little distance from the Bullen cottage, in Rosedale, a part of Petoskey.”

"McGuire Brothers are renovating the store just west of their place on W. Porter St. with the intention of opening a lunch room.”

"Wanted: Bright, intelligent girls for Albion City Hospital Training School. No tuition fee required. Text books and uniforms furnished. Board and wages while training. For further information, inquire of Maude M. Starks, Superintendent of Albion City Hospital.”

Week ending September 21, 1911: "A mile of state reward road between Albion and Springport, about two miles south of that town was completed this week and local autoists who have b4een over it claim that it is as well built as any road in the state.”

"The Jesse Crowell fund is growing steadily and the committee in charge reports that they have almost enough to buy the stone and marker they have picked out. Anyone wishing to donate any amount, no matter how small, may leave it with Mrs. Belle Gale, George Parmeter, or Henry Montgomery Dearing at the National Bank.”

"Arrested Duck Lake Gamblers. Officers Raid barn North of City and interrupt game of cards for Money. Gambling in Vicinity of Duck Lake is Very Common of Late. Four very well known farmers living near Duck Lake were arrested Sunday morning at 11 o’clock, in the act of playing cards for money.”

"Little Robert Dearing, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Dearing of E. Cass St., fell from the porch of the home of Robert Baldwin, where he and some other little folk were playing Friday, and broke his left arm between the wrist and the elbow. On account of his age it is expected that the injury will very quickly heal.”

Week ending September 28, 1911: "Stores conducted by W. C. Willitts and William Hoffman in Eckford Village were visited by burglars Tuesday night who carried away a quantity of small merchandise and cigars.”

"People who do not live in the vicinity of the Austin School will be highly repaid by a visit to the scene and a glimpse of the already beautiful new school building. It is to be one of the most attractive buildings Architect Arnold of Battle Creek, has ever planned. The building even as it is now, in a partially completed state is well worth seeing.”

"Mayor Austin has sided in with the idea advanced by the Recorder a week or so ago that something should be done to provide for a uniform method of grading the parking place on the lawns along Michigan Avenue.”


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