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Albion 100 Years Ago - MARCH 1912

Morning Star, March 4, 2012, pg. 6

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending March 7, 1912: "High School Boys Knife Instructor. An incident at the high school shortly before the school closed for the noon hour recess, will probably be the means of causing a great deal of trouble for two high school lads named Neal and Hubbard, who it is said, have considerably worried the school and town authorities before this present escapade. What happened took place in the manual training room which is in charge of Charles D. Raynor.During the fracas that followed, one of the boys used a knife, with which Mr. Raynor was cut in two places, on one ear and quite deeply on one arm."

"Gas Company to Enlarge Plant. Manager H. M. Long of the Albion Gas Light Company has announced a number of improvements to be made at the local plant. The proposed changes will consist in an enlargement of the gas storage capacity at the plant. The concern has purchased from the Albion Handle Co. the plot of ground adjacent to the gas company's present property lying between Eaton and Clinton Sts. abutting the river. On a portion of this land the Gas company will erect a "two lift" steel gas holder, with a capacity of 100,000 cubic feet."

"Charles E. Ashdown, prominent local clothing merchant, went before Judge North in the circuit court Monday afternoon, and filed a petition in bankruptcy. He feared however that the National Bank, from which he had borrowed large sums and which held his notes for the same, was about to bring suit against him for the recovery of the money."

"M.U.R. Becomes M.U.T. Company. The Michigan United Traction Company has leased the Michigan United Railways for 999 years, and the work of improving the road will begin at once. More cars on the interurban lines, resumption of the summer excursion rates, larger cars and more lines are contemplated."

"Receiver Garfield in Full Charge. David A Garfield says that the question as to whether the stockholders of the old First National will get more money on their stock or whether they will be assessed, like the stockholders of the Albion National will, depend upon whether the contention of the Albion National is sustained or not, that the First National is its debtor to the extent of some $40,000. The first of what is said to be a series of several suits against old debtors of the First National Bank was started Thursday morning. Dr. Ira C. Foster, a former resident of this city but now living in California, was made the defendant in a suit for $1,500."

"Orlando C. Gale Died Thursday Night. Thursday evening at 6 o'clock saw the passing of one of Albion's oldest and most respected citizens, Orlando C. Gale, one of the founders of the present Gale Manufacturing Company, the city's giant agricultural implement concern."

Week ending March 14, 1912: "The police force was called to the Malleable settlement Wednesday afternoon by an urgent phone message which stated that one Sam De Gieuseppe, a foreign laborer employed by the Malleable Company, had attempted to shoot a fellow countryman. He is said to be a bad man by the other men at the Malleable settlement."

"Must Prove Claims Before April 1. From the office of the receiver of the defunct Albion National Bank, Frank L. Irwin comes word that all claims against the bank by depositors must be filed before April 1 in ordered to be considered good, as it is imperative that as much haste be made as possible in the closing up of the bank's affairs."

Week ending March 21, 1912: "Homer C. Blair sells drug Business. The friends of Homer C. Blair, proprietor of the Blair Drug Store will be very much surprised to learn that he has practically closed a deal whereby he is to dispose of his business and retire for an indefinite time. The name of the purchaser of the store, an Eaton Rapids man of considerable experience in the drug trade is not made public at this time [it was Louis Van Gorden] as all the final arrangements have not yet been consummated."

"Mark Merriman Buys Prouty Plant. Albion is to have a factory to take the place of the late lamented Prouty Company. Last Saturday the deal was closed. whereby ark Merriman, former manager of the Prouty Company, became owner of the buildings and site of the old Prouty Company. Mr. Merriman, who is vice-president of the Hayes Wheel company of Jackson, said it was true that the plant would be employing more men than the old Prouty by July 1. The product to be turned out will be parts of automobile wheels."

"1,500 People Visit Bakery. Ed M. Mounteer held a reception to over 1,500 people Saturday evening at his large bakery south of his retail store. The object of the reception was to show the public the sanitary conditions of the bakery, the new machinery employed in mixing dough, and the materials used." From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photo of the E. M. Mounteer bakery in the Peabody Block which was located here at 400 S. Superior St. from 1899 to 1934. 1911 photo.

"Bank Dividend Next Month. Depositors of the defunct Albion National Bank will become informed in all probability that they will be returned a part of their money some time during the month of April."

Week ending March 28, 1912: "Andrew Karpuck, who has been in the toils of the law before on a similar offense, was taken in tow by night officer Schwere Sunday night, with two full pint bottles of whiskey and one freshly emptied bottle on his person."

"A jury will hear the case of Thomas J. Short of Convis verses William H. Hakes of Eckford in Justice Lane's court in Marshall Saturday. The plaintiff brings suit to recover $174 which he alleges to be due for work and also for a cow and calf sold the defendant two years ago."

"Over 200 men from Springport and enough more from Devereaux to make a party of 250 came to this city Tuesday morning on the Lake Shore to be the guests of the Gale Company for the day."


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