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Albion 100 Years Ago - MAY 1912

Morning Star, April 29, 2012, pg. 6

Congratulations to the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce for the publication of its new Albion-Homer Community Resource Guide. The last time Albion had a "city directory" was way back in 1994! The phone directory portion is in very readable large font, there is a reverse street directory, school and government contact information, etc. We miss the days when the city directories used to print where a person worked, the names of their kids, etc. This new publication however is the next best thing!

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago. Week ending May 2, 1912: Headline: "Ex-Mayor Tired of Paying Alimony. So Owen Brownell, former Albion man, asks court to relieve him from paying $2 weekly to ex-wife. Improper Conduct alleged."

"Cook Plant to Be Sold May 13. An order issued by Lee Jocelyn of Detroit, referee in bankruptcy states that the property of the Cook Manufacturing Company, which was declared bankrupt January 2 coincident with the closing of the Albion National Bank…is to be sold to the highest bidder in this city May 18."

Week ending May 23, 1912. "Louis C. Van Gorden has purchased the Palmer Dearing home on Michigan Avenue and his family now at Eaton Rapids, expect to move into the new home as soon as Mrs. Dearing vacates. The house was in the name of Mrs. Dearing's mother, Mrs. Stella Coney."

"At Wednesday evening's council meeting the aldermen voted to sell the ground at the north end of the cemetery to the Mausoleum association. The price set by the aldermen was $800. W H. Hamilton and Mr. Kennedy, of Battle Creek, representatives of the mausoleum concern, were present at last night's meeting."

"President Taft May Pardon Miss Hollon. President Taft will be asked to pardon Miss Addie Hollon, the Albion stenographer who is serving a sentence of four months in the Detroit house of correction for her part in the failure of the Albion National Bank. Miss Hollon's brother, E. H. Hollon, a real estate dealer in Marshall, has already petitioned for a pardon for his sister. Miss Hollon in her trial in the federal court before Judge Angell declared that her salary all the years that she was covering up the wrongdoings of her employers, was never more than $7 a week."

"Anthony District. Max Rutz was completely surprised when his friends and neighbors stepped in Saturday evening to help him celebrate his birthday anniversary. Dancing and conversations were the diversions of the evening. Ice cream and cake were served, and Mr. Rutz was presented with a handsome rocker as a token of remembrance."

Week ending May 30, 1912. "Bank Depositor's Committee Named. At the recent meeting of the depositors of the Albion National Bank, the chairman, Dr. Delos Fall, was directed to appoint a committee to take into consideration ways and means for the possible regaining of their lost money."

"George V. Dearing, son of former cashier Henry M. Dearing of the defunct Albion National Bank, and brother of Palmer M. Dearing, former superintendent of the bankrupt Cook Company, both of whom are serving five years in the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas for their share in the bank affair, was placed under arrest in Detroit Tuesday for complicity in the bank failure."

"That Charles Edson Gay Peabody, the former Albion man who was found a number of days ago in Los Angeles dead from the inhalation of gas, died through his own aid, has just been learned here through a clipping from the Los Angeles Times."

"Albion-Charlotte Road Purchased. News of vital import to Albion and the vicinity of this city to the effect that the old Albion-Charlotte railway has been purchased by Chicago capitalists and is soon to be fitted out so that cars will run between this city and Charlotte, tapping the rich Duck Lake country. The work of completing the road will begin at once. It will be known as the Albion, Brookfield and Charlotte railway, and 600-horse power gasoline motor cars will be operated."

"Albion Boys' Art Atracts Attention. Lynn Bogue Hunt of New York City, who formerly lived in Albion where he graduated from the high school and attended Albion College, has made a name for himself in the world of art."


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