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Albion 100 Years Ago - AUGUST 1913

Morning Star, August 4, 2013, pg. 9

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending August 7, 1913: "The residents of N. Superior St. and Austin Ave. presented petitions to the common council last evening for the paving of those thoroughfares from Vine to Austin and the latter from Superior to Albion."

"Mr. and Mrs. Fred Day of Detroit are occupying the Dalrymple home on Pearl St. this summer. They expect to spend a week or more in northern Michigan before their return to Detroit, however. They arrived here Monday."

Week ending August 14, 1913: "Fire, the origin of which is unknown, partially destroyed the Elias Wellington residence on E. Cass St., one of Albion's most historic homes…The residence was constructed in 1884 for use by President Fiske of the College, and for many years after it was the college presidential mansion…Mr. Wellington will without doubt repair the residence in the near future as the walls are practically intact and were not badly injured and most of the lower floors were untouched by the flames."

"Work on cemetery road today. Daniel M. McAuliffe who was appointed by the Boosters and Knockers some time ago to agitate the matter among the farmers of South Albion of the improvement of the cemetery road [now M-99], returned…with the assurance that nearly thirty of the farmers will provide teams during the next three days on the road work at that point."

"A local business change was announced Tuesday in the sale of D. M. Bennett photographic studio, corner of Superior and Cass Sts., to O. A. Johnston of Bronson. Mr. Bennett has contemplated selling out for some time."

Week ending August 28, 1913: "Council to take drastic action. City Fathers peeved over possible raise of prices proposed by plumbers as a result of public works ordinance. Attention has been called to the city authorities lately from several sources that as a result of the plumbing ordinance passed last week, the plumbers of the city had decided to raise the price of laying sewer pipes from 40¢ to $1.00 a foot…The council was universally agreed that if such action was taken by the plumbers, the ordinance would be repealed and the city would hire its own plumbers to do such work."

"Work on Albion's mausoleum, which is to be erected at Riverside Cemetery, was started Thursday, under the direction of F. J. Herman, of Toledo, Ohio, who oversees all the work of construction done by the Mausoleum Company."

"The swimming-pool committee, together with the public grounds and buildings committee held a conference Friday, with the result that it was decided to finish off two or three of the new city sheds in the market place for a bath-house, no other place along the river on either of the races being securable. Two or three of the sheds, which were just recently built, will be changed into comfortably appointed bath-houses, for boys and girls, and it is possible that the river will be deepened to form a suitable pool. For the present however, following the building over of the sheds, the older swimmers will probably utilize the mill-race near the Porter St. bridge, near the proposed bath-house, while the little folks can paddle in the shallow water of the river."


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