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Albion 100 Years Ago - SEPTEMBER 1913

Morning Star, September 1, 2013, pg. 6

I've been enjoying "Swinging at the Shell" on Sunday evenings and the large crowds which attend. Did you know that there is a flagpole near the Band Shell? Hint: It's on the left. You can't see it because it is hidden by a giant pine tree, but it's there. The pole is bent, the base is cracked, and it only flies 48-star U.S. flags. It really needs to be replaced with a new one at a different location, or the pine tree should be cut down. The pole was placed there to be used and seen with a flag flying from it. This would make a great project for some civic group. From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of the cracked (just like the Liberty Bell) base of the concealed flag pole by the Victory Park Band Shell.

Crack in the base of the flagpole near the Band Shell in Victory Park

We continue with our theme of "Albionó100 Years Ago." Week ending September 5, 1913. "As the Grand Army of the Republic members gather here for the annual encampment, the names of various men high up in the councils of the organization are being talked of for commander-in-chief. It is said that Dr. Washington Gardner of Albion, editor-statesman, may be selected for that position. He enlisted in the Union army at the age of 16, was with Sherman during the campaign form Chattanooga to Atlanta and sustained a serious wound in the Battle of Resaca, GA, which necessitated honorable discharge."

"Youthful Forger Again in Trouble. Although only 18 years old and in spite of the fact that he had spent several years in the reform school at Lansing for forgery, Arthur Wheat, a Springport youth, is again in the hands of the law for the same crime, a check on the Albion State Bank of this city, figuring in the case."

"Falling under a freight-car while playing in the Michigan Central yards in Jackson Monday afternoon about 4:30, Frederick Herzer, age 14, son of Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Herzer, 803 E. Michigan Ave., of this city, had his right foot so badly crushed that amputation may be necessary. The lad was hurried at once to the Jackson city hospital in an ambulance where every effort was made to save his foot. Frederick had gone to Jackson to attend the Labor Day celebration. His parents were immediately notified and were driven to Jackson by Harry Richards."

September 4, 1913: "Four members of the foreign colony: Anton Poluk, Steve Sobek, Stanley Stinealevitz, and Warson Sendcowicz, who were arrested Sunday afternoon at the settlement on a charge of creating a disturbance, plead guilty before Justice McCutcheon Tuesday evening and paid fines of $1 each."

Obituaries: "John Broas, father of John Broas, Jr. of the firm of Church & Broas, passed away Wednesday morning at his residence in this city. Miss Maude D. Osmun, age 32 years died Monday at the Grant hospital from a year's illness with intestinal tuberculosis. The body was taken to her home, south of Springport, Monday afternoon where the funeral was held Wednesday at the W. H. Inman farm. Interment was made in the Springport Cemetery. Frederick E. W. Baermann, age 50, passed away Tuesday shortly after noon at his home, 905 Hall St. Baermann was born in Cosegger, Germany, one of six children, being the fourth child of August and Albertina Baermann. The family came to America in 1866."

"Officer Schwer was called to the Lake Shore tracks Thursday to arrest an umbrella mender who had been trying to break into one of the cars on a side track."

Week ending September 11, 1913: "Post Office Site is Re-Adjusted. Surveyors for Lake Shore Agree to Change Property Line and Transfer of Property to Government can Now Take Place. The one thing that has held up the transfer of the property at the northwest corner of Michigan Avenue and Superior St. to the government by the Homestead Building and Loan Association, the matter of the property line between the Association's property and the Lake Shore premises on the north, was settle Tuesday to the satisfaction of both parties and the sale of the property to the government will now go forward at once."

"Some advantages of entombment in Riverside Abbey are that it means dry entombment and protection in the stone instead of wet burial and destruction under the stone."

"The Wellington residence on E. Cass St. which recently suffered considerable damage by fire, is being repaired and altered into a double house. The back part of the structure will be rented separately and an entrance and porch are being built on the Ingham St. side to accommodate the tenants."

"The Albion Creamery has closed its doors, owing to a lack of sufficient capital to operate it on the part of Hartung and Austin, the present managers."

"John Leskewich, the member of the Russian colony, who was hurt a week ago by slighting from a moving car near the Malleable Iron Works, was moved from the city hospital Friday to house 25 at the settlement."

"An accident which would probably have been prevented had one of the principals heeded the provisions of the new city traffic ordinance occurred this noon shortly before 1 o'clock at the Albion House corner, when a motorcycle, driven by an employee of the Mausoleum company named Brown, crashed into the automobile owned and driven by Oliver Gassett."

Week ending September 18, 1913: "The work of grading and placing the culverts on the mile and a tenth state road east of the city, on the Albion-Jackson highway, was finished Saturday. Monday the spreading of the top coating of gravel was commenced, the material is being taken from the pit on the VanSickle farm, formerly the Murdock property, on the Newburg Road. The pit, which contains some very high grade gravel, was used by the M.U.T. when the road-bed of the then Jackson and Battle Creek Railway Company was built."

"New cement gates are being installed by the Commonwealth Power Company on the site of the old "Black Gates," near the creamery bridge. This will allow the company to more perfectly regulate the flow of water through their race into the new powerhouse."

"New Boys Home at Mont Calm Lake. What will be known as the Starr Commonwealth, a home for incorrigible and homeless boys, is to be instituted at Mont Calm Lake, two miles west of the city, about November 1. The superintendent of the new school is Floyd Starr, a graduate of the college, who has been in charge of the affairs of the Beulah Home for boys at Boyne City, since Eberman L. Swift was forced to sever his connection with that institution. Mr. Starr purchased several acres of land adjacent to the west shore of the lake some time ago and a cottage which will accommodate ten boys and the superintendent and his wife, with other helpers if necessary, has been built on the property within the last year."

Week ending September 25, 1913: "Horses Killed at Van Sickle Pit. A cave-in at the Van Sickle gravel pit on the Newburg Road east of the city, which occurred shortly before 11 o'clock this morning, resulted in the killing of two valuable horses."

"Large Crowd Greets Washington Gardner. Last night at 7:30 the intersections of Superior and Erie Sts. were thronged with people waiting to participate in the celebration in honor of Washington Gardner, commander-in-chief of the G.A.R."

"A fine improvement will be made at the local Michigan Central depot within the next few days in the shape of an addition to the present brick platform, to be laid between the tracks. It will extend all the way from Clinton to Eaton Sts."


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