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Albion 100 Years Ago - MARCH 1914

Morning Star, March 2, 2014, pg. 4

We continue with our theme of "Albion—100 Years Ago." Week ending March 5, 1914. "Casket Company May Come Here. A meeting of a number of the local business men was held at the Leisure Hour clubhouse Monday evening at which time a proposition was presented for the obtaining of a new industry for this city. The concern in question is the Cement Products Manufacturing Company of Battle Creek, makers of Portland cement caskets."

Week ending March 12, 1914: "Albert Trader, a local man, has some difficulty in keeping out of the hands of the police. His latest escape occurred Saturday in a local saloon when he some way secured the pocket book of a laborer named Mart O’Mears, and extracted there from the sum of ten dollars…Later he changed his plea and was sent to the Marshall jail for thirty days."

"A Kentucky cardinal, one of the most beautiful of the songbirds of this country, presented a concert Tuesday to people in the neighborhood of the millrace near Linden Avenue and Erie St., that is rarely equaled in this or any other community. It is rare that one of these birds visits Albion."

Week ending March 19, 1914: "Albion Coal Mine Idle at Present. Judging from the present condition of affairs at the coal mine on the Boyd property four miles north of the city on the Clark St. Road, it is evident that those in charge of the work of mining are discouraged, as the mine is idle and it is as quiet there as an Albion roller-rink on Sunday."

"A hunt is being conducted for Lynn Lautenslauger, a former section man on the M.U.T. who has been employed by the Gale Company for the past month. Wednesday evening at supper time, having just drawn his wages at the Gale plant he left his wife and child at their Center St. home, saying he was going downtown to pay the grocery bill, and has not been seen since."

"Robert Cascarelli, the local fruit store man, has started suit against W. Counterman, in the circuit court, to cause the removal of Mr. Counterman’s popcorn stand from its position just south of the Cascarelli store at the corner of Center and Superior Sts."

"There has been some talk of the establishment in the foreign settlement of a church, probably of the Greek denomination. The Russians and foreigners from other countries are affiliated with that church, but doubt is being expressed as to whether the local foreign population is constant enough to keep up a church organization, there being so many transients."

"The brick work on the new Commonwealth power house is all completed, and the roof is being placed on the structure."

Week ending March 26, 1914: "Votes to Buy Cemetery Land. By a motion passed unanimously at last evening’s meeting, the common council voted to purchase 15 acres of land adjoining Riverside Cemetery on the south, owned by Mrs. L. E. Haight, at a total consideration of $3,750, or $250 per acre…Additional ground for cemetery purposes at Riverside has been greatly needed for some time, as the population of the city of the dead has been increasing at a ratio about equal to that of the city proper."


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