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Albion 100 Years Ago - November 1914

Morning Star, October 26, 2014, pg. 9

Congratulations to the Bohm Theatre on its re-opening. It was good to see a large crowd of Albion folks come out and support the "soft opening" on Thursday, October 16. The new marquee all lit up at night is surely a positive sight for downtown Albion. We expect more good things to come in the future.

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending November 5, 1914: "Last week Albert Wolter, who lives at Winnipeg Lake, lost three cattle through what seemed very mysterious causes at that time. Investigation however finally ascertained that the cattle died through taking in with water from the lake, quantities of minute algae called anaboena."

"Chicken Party to be Repeated. Saturday was "chicken day" at the Starr Commonwealth, the boys’ home at Mont Calm Lake, and a nice flock of twenty-eight fowls was presented to the boys. The largest number given by any one party was five, one woman donating that number."

"Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Irwin left Albion Sunday for Detroit, where they will make their permanent home in the Edison Apartments on Woodward Avenue. They have rented their home on S. Superior St. to A. E. Baker, bookkeeper for the Cement Casket Company."

"Hospital Receives Vegetables. The city hospital acknowledges the following very welcome gifts: C. E. Glazier: 500 bushel baskets of canned fruit. August Wetzel and William Hickerson: 6 cabbages and half bushel onions. E. Van Sickle, four Hubbard squashes."

"Vasel Kolchuk, arrested Sunday at the foreign settlement on a charge of using profane and indecent language in the presence of a woman, was arraigned Monday in Justice Watson’s court, where he plead guilty. He was dismissed upon payment of a fine of $2 and costs of $5."

"Little Miss Gaetana Daleo, the 15 year old daughter of Nick Daleo, the fruitman, was married Thursday by a justice of the peace in Marshall, to Cesare Palozzolo, the man with whom she eloped Sunday, and the incident of the elopement which created much excitement among the local Italian colony, is now considered closed. The two returned to Albion Thursday from Battle Creek, where they had been with friends since they left Albion, and the forgiveness of Miss Gaelana’s parents was secured and their permission for the marriage. Thursday Mrs. Daleo went to Marshall with the young couple and helped them secure the license, the wedding occurring soon after. They will live here."

Week ending November 19, 1914: "Wins Appointment to West Point. Charles R. Gildart, Received Appointment to Cadetship."

"Albion Money for Starr Home. The people of Albion have contributed over $900 in money already for the building fund of the Starr Commonwealth, the boys’ home at Mont Calm Lake."

Week ending November 26, 1914: "The Albion-Charlotte Northern Railway Company filed articles of incorporation last week, which as soon as passed by the state railroad commission will be formally filed, giving the proposition an official standing."


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