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Albion 100 Years Ago - APRIL 1915

Morning Star, April 5, 2015, pg. 4

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending April 1, 1915. "35 years ago yesterday, said William J. Porr Friday, "I was married in a log-cabin about 5 miles north of town." Mr. Porr was married at that time to Miss Kate Raymond. The bride and groom of 35 years celebrated their wedding anniversary very quietly yesterday." "There is a great rivalry between the meat market on Albion St. and the market on Austin Ave. in the foreign settlement. Yesterday afternoon when Alex Demitruk, proprietor of the Austin Ave. store, was in Jackson, Elia Korfitiw, an employee of the rival market, went to Demitruk’s place twice, each time scaring the youth left in charge half out of his wits, and making a nuisance of himself generally. Finally Mrs. Demitruk locked the place up until her husband returned, when a warrant was secured for Korfitiw’s arrest on a disorderly charge. Justice McCutcheon fined the man $10 and the costs in the case last night, and came near adding another fine for contempt of court, so impertinent was the prisoner."

"Vandals some time Saturday night caused great damage in a house at the corner of Clinton St. and Austin Ave., owned by August Woodtke. They entered the house, which is vacant at the present time, and twisted the tub in the bathroom from its position in such a way as to burst the water pipes. The water flooded the entire house and the condition of affairs was noticed the next day by a passerby who saw water pouring out of the cellar windows."

"The foreigners in the colony near the Malleable plant used a queer method of turning in a fire alarm early Tuesday morning when a blaze occurred at house No. 15. They fired probably fifty shots with revolvers and succeeded in arousing the entire neighborhood."

"Two Albion Italians, Signor Nicola DiVitre, and Signora Villel Buscemi, applied for a marriage license this forenoon at the office of the county clerk through their interpreter, Mrs. Tona Daleo, a pronounced type of the famed beauty of Sunny Italy. Considerable delay ensued in the formality of recording the family history of the couple, who were unable to speak a word of English. Mrs. Daleo spoke excellent English however, and was most charming in manner and appearance, dressing a-la-American."

Week ending April 8, 1915. "Harry Neuman, a former resident of Eckford, is winning laurels for himself on the Chicago police force. Two or three years ago he was commended for his bravery in averting a terrible accident and saving life by capturing a runaway team of horses which he overtook in an auto."

"Eckford Ballots Stolen in Marshall. A peculiar situation affecting the status of the Eckford Township vote and which, if contested may possibly affect the entire Calhoun County election comes as a result of the theft of the entire package of Eckford elections supplies at Marshall Saturday…Eckford Township has been a dry township for the last six years, but has steadily grown wetter, according to tabulated returns."

"29 years ago Tuesday the private bank in this city owned by John Peabody went to the wall. Many present Albion residents remember the occasion well, and one of them state today that the excitement was much greater than the day the Albion National Bank went to the wall on January 21, 1912."

"The committee of Albion College alumni in charge of the building of the new concrete fence around the college athletic field are asking people who are having ashes drawn away to bring them to the athletic field to be dumped just inside the fence where much filling needs to be done."

"A daring chicken robbery is reported from the farm residence of E. S. Lewis in Marengo Township. Wednesday night thieves entered his coop and stole several chickens. In fact they got so many of them that they were unable to carry them away. Thursday morning the school children found several sacks containing three chickens in a marsh."

Week ending April 15, 1915: "James C. Eslow appeared in person before the common council last evening and explained his position in the controversy over his erection of a pop-corn stand which the common council ordered removed, on the south side of this building on Superior St."

"Calhoun County was officially declared "dry" for the next two years at a session of the county board of supervisors held Tuesday afternoon in Marshall."

"Spiros Andritsakes, proprietor of the Albion Confectionery, 303 S. Superior St., returned yesterday afternoon from a trip to Greece, his native land, where he went last fall."

"Marshall H. Starr, father of Floyd Starr, who resides with his son at the Starr Commonwealth, the boy’s home at Mont Calm Lake, was serious injured in a runaway accident in Marshall Friday afternoon. He was driving a load of hay when the horses ran away and tipped the load over with Mr. Starr underneath. Several ribs were broken and it is feared he is injured internally."

Week ending April 22, 1915: "City to Have New Movie House. Work of remodeling the building now occupied by C. W. Slade and owned by Hadley H. Sheldon will begin next month. It is to be converted into a moving picture theatre and it is said that Albion is to have a thoroughly modern and attractive playhouse, with a seating capacity of about 400. C. A. Fiske of this city, has leased the theatre from Mr. Sheldon and assures the people of this city that only high class films will be shown." [Note, this was the Censor Theatre]

Week ending April 29, 1915. "Public announcement was made Tuesday by the officials of the Union Steel Screen Company, that the name of the concern had been changed at a recent meeting of the stockholders to "The Union Steel Products Company."

"The members of Miss Phipps’ piano solo class gave a very pleasing and enjoyable recital Wednesday evening in the College chapel."


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