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Albion 100 Years Ago - JUNE 1915

Morning Star, June 14, 2015, pg. 6

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending June 3, 1915: "The new offices of the Commonwealth Power Company in the Austin building were opened Tuesday for the first time."

"E. R. Loud, attorney for the receiver of the Albion National Bank has begun garnishment proceedings against the City of Albion in the sum of $300. It appears that three years ago the bank secured a judgment of $300 against Henry Keck who as just resigned as one of the Albion city commissioners and who has money due him from the city for services rendered both as commissioner and supervisor. He failed to pay the judgment which was for the assessment made against all the stockholders of the defunct bank, of which Keck was one."

"Two assault and battery cases were heard before Justice Watson Tuesday evening. Cidor Romuk had asked for a warrant for John Suczenko claiming that the defendant had mistrated him in the midst of an argument the two men got into at their boarding house in the foreign settlement. Mrs. Elena Yancherook complained against Joseph Soudas who she said, had slapped her. Suczenko paid a fine of $3 and costs while Soudas was allowed to go after paying a $4 fine and costs."

"The local race-track is in probably the best condition it has been in years, at the present time. A number of horses are being tried out at the track and some good miles are being made."

"The case of Frank Young vs. Frank Stinekraus, charged with violation of the liquor laws by furnishing liquor to a son of Frank Young, a minor, the offense having been committed in 1913, was settled out of court Thursday."

Week ending June 10, 1915: "Extensive renovations are being made in Ernest Boldt’s place on N. Superior St. a room is being partitioned off at the rear of the place into which the bar fixtures will be moved to form a lunch room and soft drink establishment. In the main portion of the former saloon will be installed several billiard and pool tables."

Week ending June 17, 1915. "A couple of weeks ago, J. A. Crittenden of Devereaux was suddenly stricken blind while on his way to Albion. Physicians found that he had suffered hemorrhage of the eye. A day or so ago Mr. Crittenden was in Albion again and was able to use his eyes once more with fairly good effect, having practically recovered from his troubles."

"G. H. Butler, the chief stockholder and promoter of the coal mine north of the city, is recovering from a nervous breakdown. He is in Arizona at the present time attempting to recover his health, which was broken it is thought, by the great amount of work he did in getting things at the mine on a working basis. Superintendent Jenkins is in active charge of the mine at the present time and coal is being shipped regularly."

Week ending June 24, 1915. "John Damchuk was arraigned before Justice Watson Tuesday afternoon for assault and battery, the complainant being his wife. Damchuk ill-treated his spouse Sunday but the latter did not complain to the authorities until Tuesday when he started his rough tactics again. Holding her on the floor and choking her was one of the playful ways in which Damchuk demonstrated his husbandly devotion. He pleaded guilty and in default of being able to pay a good sized fine went to jail in Marshall for 20 days. When he comes out it is expected that his wife will be accorded better treatment."

"Pawel Maksimchuk and Wasil Rumack, who have been members of the foreign colony for some time, started Monday on the long journey back to their native land of Russia, where each has a family awaiting him. The former goes to the state of Grodno, and the latter to Minsk, in the War zone. Both were willing to take the chance in order that they might see their families again."


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