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Albion 100 Years Ago - NOVEMBER 1915

Morning Star, November 8, 2015, pg. 10.

We continue with our theme of "Albion—100 Years Ago." Week ending November 4, 1915: "Gas Company Suit. What has become of the suit the city started against the Albion Gas Company to compel them to cover their coke with suitable sheds?, asked former mayor Charles Culver last evening."

"Albion College to Have New Sorority. The long felt need of a third national sorority for Albion College has been filed through the fact that the Pierian Literary Society, one of the best known of the women’s literary organizations on college hill, received word this week that the Alpha XI Delta sorority, among the strongest of the national sororities, had granted it a charter."

"A foreign workman at the Malleable Iron Company’s plant had his left foot crushed this morning when a box weighing about three hundred pounds fell upon it. His physician thinks he can save the foot and that amputation will not be necessary."

"Mrs. H. F. Dew is recovering from a fall in the Dew greenhouse on Perry St., Sunday, which hurt her quite seriously."

"Gregori Dubowik, a Russian, was arraigned before Justice Watson today on a charge of shooting a gun within the city limits, contrary to the ordinance. The offense was committed Saturday on N. Albion St. Dubowik pleaded guilty and paid a fine."

"The Albion Garage has completed the task of moving into its new building at the corner of Michigan Avenue and N. Superior St."

"H. M. Brown to Build New Store. Herbert M. Brown the local grocer, today announced that work would be started April 1 on a new two-story brick store building to replace the wooden structure on S. Superior St., one door north of the present Brown store…The new structure which should be completed by the middle of next summer will replace the only wooden building on Superior St. in the business district. [Note: Here in 2015 this is the building that houses the Secretary of State office]"

Week ending November 11, 1915: "Albion Night Schools Opened. "Thirty men of foreign birth, unable to talk English, are attending the night school held in the West Ward School under the direction of H. A. Brewer, Social Service secretary of the Methodist Brotherhood. The school is under the supervision of the Albion schools, and the expense which is light, is met from the school funds. In the two sessions held so far this year, 30 have enrolled, representing seven nationalities divided as follows: Italians, 13; Russians, 10; Bulgarians, 2; Poles, 2; Lithuanians, 1; Bohemians, 1; Greeks, 1. At the last meeting of the school board it was decided to partition off part of the basement of the Austin School for the use of the night school and fit it up with large seats and blackboards…Albion has a much larger foreign population than most cities of her size."

Week ending November 18, 1915: "Lynn Bogue Hunt of New York City is the guest of his sister, Mrs. Minard Farley of South Albion. Mr. Hunt who spent his boyhood in this city is an artist of note, his bird and animal pictures being considered by the critics as among the best of their kind."

"Old Mill Will Be Transformed. The old stone mill on Superior St. which has been the most prominent landmark in Albion since its construction in 1845, is being dismantled, and will be transformed into a new home for the Albion Commercial & Savings Bank. The bank recently purchased the site. Architects plans are now being considered by officials of the bank."

"Albion Russian Back From Europe. Stefan Martinuk, a Russian member of Albion’s foreign colony, returned this week from Russia where he went last August to look up friends and relatives. He intended to go to his native village of Kobrin in the state of Grodno, but was allowed to go no further than Moscow, where officials told him that Kobrin was in the hands of the Germans. He also learned that members of his family together with the other Grodno folk had fled to other parts of Russia before the Germans invaded the country."

Week ending November 25, 1915. Board to Select Site of Building. The new school building for Albion will be located within the tract of land bounded by Dalrymple Boulevard, and Erie, Eaton and Mechanic Sts., in the southwestern section of the city. The school board is to decide upon the actual site, according to the action taken Tuesday evening at the meeting of citizens held at the Central School."

"George Dosis, the Greek employee of the Silver Moon restaurant who absconded with $72 of the firm’s money and was brought back to Albion from Chicago, waived examination in Justice McCutcheon’s court Monday and was bound over to the circuit court."

"Pete Tanosky pleaded not guilty in Justice Watson’s court Friday, to a charge of jumping a board bill at a boarding house located at 911 Austin Avenue."


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