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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - OCTOBER 1916

Morning Star, October 2, 2016, pg. 15

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending October 5, 1916: "Levi S. Wild of Butte, Montana arrived in Albion Wednesday to visit Louis Tichenor and other old Albion friends. Mr. Wilde learned telegraphy in Albion in 1862 in the old Michigan Central Depot…Mr. Wild’s father and grandfather were Albion pioneers and owned a farm on which part of the Malleable Iron Company’s plant now stands." "The police department will change tonight from the booth on the corner of Cass & Superior Sts. to its new quarters in the Albion Garage, Chief Glen Greening said today."

Week ending October 12, 1916: "A gigantic steel crane capable of reaching out 30 or 40 feet and picking up a load of between 3 and 4 tons on weight is being added to the equipment of the Albion Malleable Iron Company." "Council Has Short Meeting. A short an unimportant meeting of the city council was held last evening. The acting city manager reported that it would cost $175 to properly gravel the road past the cemetery and recommended that it be re-graded." "The brick sale for the benefit of the Starr Commonwealth, to occur Saturday, will be a big success if the plans of the committee are successful, and every indication points to that end."

"Springport Woman Burned to Crisp. Body of Mrs. Emma McNeil, Recluse, is Found at Her Home. Clothes Ignited While Starting Fire. The body of Mrs. Emma McNeil, burned to a crisp, was found in the kitchen of her home in Springport Village. The discovery was made by William Miller, a boy who delivers for a grocery store. He called at the house and came upon the horrible sight of the old lady sitting on the floor with her back against the door and her body charred from the flames that had burned her to death."

"The old Albion Milling Company’s office just north of the new Commercial Bank building has been razed and the excavation for the new store building to be erected there by the Albion Holding Company has been started. Much of the brick of the old structure will be used in the new." [NOTE: Today this 203 S. Superior St. which is currently being remodeled into the Bohm Theatre annex.] From our Historical Notebook this week we present a 1915 photograph of the Mill office building on the left, with the Mill itself on the right.

Stone Mill and Office in 1915.

Week ending October 19, 1916. "The fire department made its first run with the new auto-truck Saturday afternoon, an alarm coming in about 3 o’clock from the residence of Mike Dubina in the foreign settlement. Although delayed for about 3 minutes by a freight train on the New York Central, the firemen made a very quick run with the new machine and reached the scene of the fire much quicker than the fire teams could have ever arrived there. They found Mr. Dubina’s barn ablaze and most of the building and contents, which consisted mainly of hay, was destroyed."

Week ending October 26, 1916. "Death of City’s Grand Old Man. All Albion today is mourning the death of Judge Robert Y. Finch, which occurred this morning at 7 o’clock at his home, 218 W. Porter St. Judge Finch was 89 years old and…had been a resident of Albion since 1834 or for 82 years…He was one of the few people still living who attended school during the first session in the little red schoolhouse on S. Superior St. He joined the "49ers" in their mad rush to California for gold. He also helped in building the old Crowell Mill. His title of Judge was secured through serving several terms as Justice of the Peace."

"Officials of the Albion Holding Company stated today that the big brick elevator operated by W. H. Nelson, situated on S. Superior St., just north of the new bank building, is to be moved 132 feet east of its present location, during the coming spring."


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