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Albion 100 Years Ago - NOVEMBER 1916

Morning Star, November 6, 2016, pg. 16

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." An explanation to my readers of this column: The Albion Recorder used to publish a weekly edition on Thursdays, which republished the local news already printed during the previous week in its daily editions. Up to this point in this column, I’ve just had to look at that Thursday edition to get all the weekly local news right there. However, the last weekly edition version was published on Thursday November 16, 1916. So henceforth I will have to look at each daily paper in order to cull news items for this column, which will mean more work for me. The "week ending" date I’ve been stating has been that Thursday edition. After that the date beginning this month I will reference the actual date the news item appeared in print in the Recorder.

Week ending November 2, 1916: "Word came October 28 from New York City, headquarters of the General Education Board, to the effect that Albion College had been appropriated $100,000 from the board’s funds. The Board was founded by John D. Rockefeller and its object is to give aid to educational institutions of this country."

"Arthur Tuchtenhagen Badly Shocked. While standing on a step ladder fixing an electric light connection in one of the display windows of Byron D. Robinson’s jewelry store Saturday evening about 7 o’clock, Arthur Tuchtenhagen who clerks in the store, received the full force of 110 volts of electricity and was consequently very badly shocked. The current entered his body through a pair of metal pliers in one of his hands and until the current was turned off by Mr. Robinson his body was badly contorted by the juice. He was unconscious for about half an hour after being taken out of the window, but aside from a stiffness in some of his muscles he is none the worse for his experience today."

Week ending November 9, 1916: "Anton Kulinich, who had been charged with his brother John, with attempting to murder Luke Mandrick at the home of Mike Zaremba, Washington St., was dismissed in Justice Wright’s court yesterday because of lack of evidence."

"Eight out of ten of the members of the household of George E Dean, E. Erie St, have been ill at the result of something eaten by them Tuesday." "Plans are being made for a special car to carry Albion rooters to Grand Rapids Saturday for the football game between Albion High School and Grand Rapids Central High."

Week ending November 16, 1916: [Last weekly edition] "Albert Behling was working with the hired man Monday morning about 9:30 when the latter’s wife hurried from the house to say that dogs were attacking Mr. Behling’s sheep. The two men hurried to the field and found three dogs there. They pulled one sheep away from one of the canines, but not until the sheep had been badly torn." "Word has been received of the death of Douglas Stout in Bloomingdale Monday. Several years ago he was landlord of the Commercial Hotel on W. Porter St., just prior to the leasing of that hostelry by Clarence Dowling."

November 17, 1916 issue: "This city is rapidly acquiring a large colored population. Many Negroes are coming to Albion to work in the factories. Foreign labor is almost impossible to get as there is practically no immigration to the U.S. of men from the European countries now at war. The local colored settlement will be centered around Gale and Culver Sts., near the Gale plant, and most of the houses in that vicinity have been rented to the newcomers. Arza L. McCutcheon [(1856-1920) a white realtor], who has rented most of the residences there, said today that Albion would have a Negro population of close to 500 within the next few weeks."

November 20, 1916: "The brick work on the new Dalrymple School, at the end of W. Ash St., has been practically completed to the top of the main floor. Fred Schumacher, the contractor, is hurrying the work as fast as possible in an effort to get the outside construction done before winter sets in."

November 24, 1916: It was announced today by George Bohm, manager to Bohm’s Theatre, that he had purchased the interest of C. A. Fiske in the Censor Theatre and would take possession of the Superior St. moving picture house Sunday, November 26. Mr. and Mrs. Fiske, who have operated the Censor since its initial opening in August of 1915, will retire from the theatre business. Mr. Bohm opened his theatre on W. Porter St. in June 1915 about two months before the opening of the Censor."

November 28, 1916: "Henry M. Dearing is practically a free man again today as far as any prosecution hanging over his head as far as the circuit court is concerned. Judge North intimated at noon yesterday that he would dismiss the present case of the alleged forgery of a note for $2,000 in the name of Z. T. O’Hara of Albion….Dearing is looking better than a year ago when he returned from Ft. Leavenworth and seemed to be in good spirits. He has a good position in the stationary department of the Ford Motor Company, and his son Palmer M. Dearing is employed in another department."


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