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Albion 100 Years Ago - JULY 1918

Morning Star, July 1, 2018, pg. 6

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago."July 2, 1918. "The Albion baseball fans will have their first opportunity of seeing the rejuvenated Independent team in action the afternoon of July 4th at Alumni Field. At that time, they take on the fast Albion Colored Giants, the team that recently made such a fine showing at Ann Arbor."

"Local Food Commissioner Clifford Smith nailed another violator of the food laws yesterday when he found George Cornell, who lives west of Concord, with four five-pound sacks of sugar in his possession."

July 5, 1918: "Clinton Lloyd, colored, pled guilty this morning in Justice Wright’s court on a charge of assault and battery brought by Alex Korn, a member of the foreign colony."

July 18, 1918: "The miners at the Albion Coal Mine are doing their bit toward averting the threatened coal famine of next winter… There are 19 miners working now, all experienced men, and perfect harmony prevails through the works."

"The Tuskegee Singers, who gave an entertainment at the M. E. Church last evening played to about half an audience due to lack of advertising and a misunderstanding concerning local arrangements. However, the colored boys made a very good impression and the audience was enthusiastic. Their collection amounted to about fifty dollars which will be sent straight to the Tuskegee Institute for its use."

"James Sullivan, of Camp Custer, decided Sunday that he had to see his wife in Albion before sailing, so he left camp, swam the Kalamazoo River, and got to Albion via the Interurban."

"We have a menace in our midst in the form of the German language, the language of a race of people with whom we are at war…Therefore under all circumstances, the use of the German language is forbidden in all public places in the City of Albion and surrounding township…By order of the Albion Vigilance Corps."

July 19, 1918. "Albion Man Gets Coat of Paint. Dr. H. A. Herzer received a coat of paint last evening for not obeying the recent warning issued by the Vigilance Corps concerning German language papers in public places…He said he thought he had been attacked because of the German language papers on his table. Evidently the Albion Vigilance Corps means to back up its requests and orders with something more than words."

July 22, 1918: "Nick Vasiloff, who lived over the Star Bakery on Albion St., was killed in the D. U. R. wreck at Chelsea Saturday night. Mr. Vasiloff came originally from Macedonia about three years ago and has worked most of the time in this city."

"Aldie S. Torrey of the S. M. Isbell Seed Co. of Jackson, with his family, is spending his vacation at their farm home west of the city…Mr. Torrey is well known in Albion, having formerly been in the grocery business here with Herbert M. Brown, selling out to him 16 years ago."

July 26, 1918: "After today slot machines in Albion will be a thing of the past. This morning Chief of Police Hubbard ordered all such machines involving a game of chance to be removed from the various soft drink parlors, confectionery stores, restaurants, shoe shining establishments and pool rooms where they have long fascinated those people who are ever trying to get something for nothing. There was one grocery store found containing a slot machine."


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