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Albion 100 Years Ago - OCTOBER 1918

Morning Star, September 30, 2018, pg. 15

We continue with our theme of "Albion—00 Years Ago."October 2, 1918: "A recent Los Angeles Examiner carries the following concerning a former Albion boy, Lewis Tefft, son of the late V. J. Tefft, former owner of the Recorder: "Mrs. Lewis Tefft, wife of the missing San Diego automobile dealer, whose disappearance was reported in the Examiner yesterday, returned to her home in San Diego yesterday afternoon, after having exhausted every clue given of the missing man."

"The examination of Frank Field, proprietor of a pool-room on Porter St., who was arrested Saturday for a violation of the liquor law, will be held on October 7 at 9 o’clock in the morning."

"Taps for Popular Albion Sailor. Funeral services for Rex B. Stark, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Stark who passed away last Friday night at the Great Lakes naval training station, were held Tuesday morning, October 1."

"The name of Carson J. Noakes appears in today’s casualty list in the list of severely wounded. Last week his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Noakes, received a telegram stating that he was severely wounded, but did not believe it correct, as they had received a letter from their son saying he was in a hospital recovering from being gassed."

October 3, 1918, quoting from September 26: "Colonel Henry D. Thomason, commandant of Base hospital No. 5 at Fort Ontario, was married here to Miss Adaline O’Connor of the Hotel Bristol, NY. The colonel, who is a native of Albion, has had 20 years’service in the army and served in the Philippines under General Pershing."

"Albion is fast becoming a big city in more ways than one. The heavy smoke clouds which this year pour forth from factory and residence alike, give the city a most Chicago-like atmosphere."

October 4, 1918: Springport Signal: "After pulling every wire he could for the past two years to get coal enough to supply his customers, the Hoag Lumber Co. was astonished to have the railroad company leave them 109 cars of coal last Saturday and the fuel commissioner ordered them to unload it at once."

"In the juvenile court in Marshall, Deputy Sheriff McCarty petitioned to have Edwin Cooley, age 13, Albion, adjudged delinquent child and sent to the State Industrial School at Lansing. It is alleged on September 27 he broke into E. C. Carrington’s store and stole $8 in cash and a check for $27, and was about to start for Jackson."tab October 5, 1918: "Henry Ford Makes Stop in Albion. Albion had a mysterious visit yesterday from Henry Ford, the well known Detroit automobile manufacturer. Mr. Ford paid a flying visit to the Ford garage of McCarty & Bealer but would stop only for a few words with the proprietors. while in the city Mr. Ford stopped at the plant of the Albion Lumber Co. to look over some teak wood which is being made up here to go into the sub chasers being manufactured by Mr. Ford."

October 7, 1918: "Editor Gildart Passes Away. Albion people were greatly shocked today to learn of the death of William H. Gildart, the well know editor of the Albion Leader which occurred Sunday afternoon about 5 o’clock. Mr. Gildart was 70 years old last March and has been in the newspaper business for a great many years He established the Stockbridge Sun and was the owner of that paper for nearly 20 years. For the last 15 years he has been editor of the Albion Leader. In his early youth he was a student in Albion College."

"October 9, 1918: "Albion has 100 Cases of Flu. Cover up each cough and sneeze, if you don’t you’ll spread disease. There are at present about 100 cases of so-called Spanish influenza in Albion, according to the statement of the health officer this morning."

October 10, 1918: "George and Gus Bohm, Albion musicians at the Great Lakes naval training station are both now in Sousa’s battalion band at the main station. The band has been divided into two sections. Gus will go with one organization that will tour all cities east of the Mississippi. George will get a trip through the south."

October 14, 1918. "Robert Raymond, age 51 passed away this morning at 2:30 at his home in Marengo. He spent 25 years as a contractor in bridge and structural work, coming to Marengo in the fall of 1911 where he was engaged in the grocery business until about a year before his death. Mr. Raymond had been in failing health for about a year and a half."

"Schools Closed Because of Flu. Schools and All Non-essential Public Meetings Prohibited Until Epidemic Subsides. Only Three Deaths So Far. Parents are requested to keep their children off the downtown streets and the police have been instructed to send children home who are loitering downtown."

October 15, 1918: The National Spring and Wire Company, one of the oldest and most prosperous manufacturing concerns of the city, has been sold to Chicago parties."

October 19, 1918: "Albion to Have a Union Depot. Beginning tomorrow the local traffic on the New York Central and Michigan Central lines will be cared for through the M. C. depot in an effort to lessen the railroad operating expenses during the War. The old Lake Shore depot will be closed, and the four passenger trains on that line will stop in Albion on a side track directly west of the M. C. station…A fine gravel platform has been completed west of the depot."


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