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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - JANUARY 1920

Morning Star, December 29, 2019, pg. 3

Happy New Year everyone. The identifications for the photographs in last week's "It Still Means Merry Christmas" article are as follows: Bottom row left to right: Louie Vafiades, Jim Bommarito, John Kita, Paul Sawchuk. Top row: Kurt Hanke, Vincas Simaskevicius, Porfeirio Ramos, and Andy Blomquist.

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." January 7, 1920. "Patrick Hanlon, who for several years has conducted a paint shop in the Hurley building, better known as the former Coliseum skating rink and now owned by the F. H. Darrow Steel Boat Company, has moved practically all of his equipment from the building, and the Darrow company expects to move into its new quarters within the next two weeks."

January 10, 1920. "Commercial Hotel to be Moose Home. Local Lodge Starts Deal to Secure Former Hostelry on W. Porter St and Will Remodel Same Soon." "Norman Herrick, who went to Camp Custer for examination for enlistment in the marines, was turned down because he was an inch too short."

January 12, 1920. "Drinking Toilet Water Gets Man Drunk. Owen Cawsey was arrested on S. Ann St. Sunday by Deputy Sheriff McCarty, and taken to the city jail dead drunk. In Justice Watson's court this morning he said that he and a friend had been drinking a quantity of toilet water bought at E. L. Moore's drug store in this city." "Deputy Sheriff Harther took one of the Russians at the county jail to Detroit this afternoon for deportation. All of the single men are now gone."

January 15, 1920: "Notice. Owing to the prevailing attitude toward Canadian money we have decided to discontinue accepting the same until further notice. Albion State Bank, Commercial & Savings Bank."

January 17, 1920: "George Howard Completes 49 Years in Business. Just 49 years ago today on January 17, 1871, George Howard opened a meat market in Albion and has been in business continuously ever since." Churches listings: "A. M. E. Church, Cass St., West. Rev. S. J. Roundtree, pastor. A.M.E. Zion Methodist Church, corner Albion St. and Austin Ave. Rev. B. H. Lacy, pastor. Bethel Baptist Church, Rev. W. L. Brasco, pastor."

January 19, 1920. "The arrest in this city Saturday afternoon of X, will go far to clear up the mystery surrounding the killing of Nick Martin in his Albion St. store the evening of December 15. X, somewhat more pretentious than most of the local foreigner's domiciles, has been mixed up in a number of deals which have attracted the attention of officers. He has been in court on several occasions, and among the charges that have been brought against him are those of bootlegging, running a gambling game and assault and battery. He is thought to have been the man who hoisted a brick through a window of the Martin store last spring."

January 20, 1920. "X, arrested in this city Saturday for the alleged killing of Nick Martin, Albion St. storekeeper was arraigned in Justice Miller's court in Marshall and asked for an examination. News stories with flaring headlines have been appearing in the county papers to the effect that X's arrest has unearthed the alleged fact that Martin was killed as the result of a "Red" plot and that several other Albion men who are said to have had something to do with the recent raid on Bolshevists in this city are said to have been "marked" for killing, it being supposed that Martin was put out of the way because he informed the authorities concerning various Red activities."

January 24, 1920. "With 350 high class birds on exhibition, the 6th annual show of the Albion Poultry Association is being held at the W. C. T. U. building. The auditorium of the building is being used as a display room and its long rows of metal coops with their cackling contents present an interesting appearance."

January 26, 1920. "City has 200 Influenza Cases. Influenza has spread so fast during the past few days that the City of Albion now has in the neighborhood to 200 cases, many of which have developed into pneumonia, and are therefore considered serious."

January 29, 1920. "Flu Situation Closes College. Owing to the prevalence of the influenza in the city and the large number of cases among college students, the Albion College authorities have decided to close the first semester tonight. Two fraternities, the Sigma Nu and Sigma Chi, have been placed under quarantine, as well as a number of private homes in which students are sick. In the high school alone, there are 100 absentees at the present time because of the flu epidemic." "Council Raises City Salaries. Practically All City Employees Get Substantial Boost in Pay."

January 30, 1920. "A peculiar circumstance a few days ago threatened to put the pipe organ at the Presbyterian Church out of commission. When this failed to function properly, an investigation of the pipes was made and the bottoms of several of these were found filled solid with ice. It was discovered that a valve in the steam pipes about three feet back of the organ had become open and was shooting spray into the tubes, the water finally become sufficient to fill the pipes."

"Most damaging evidence was given against X, local Russian charged with the murder of Nick Martin, by Van George, a detective in the hearing given X in Justice Miller's court in Marshall this morning. Van George testifying that the defendant told him all the details of the murder, and boasted that he committed it, in the presence of witnesses."


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