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Albion 100 Years Ago - FEBRUARY 1920

Morning Star, February 9, 2020, pg. 5

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." February 2, 1920. Albion City Council minutes. "On motion of Councilman Pugh, seconded by Councilman Young, the following soft drink licenses were granted: Frank Kazarak, Austin and Albion; George Mitchell, 219 S. Superior; Ernest Boldt, 107 W. Michigan; Louis Pappas, 104 S. Superior; Sperio Martinoff, 702 N. Albion; Speros Andritsakes, 303 S. Superior; Matt Kirk, 108 W. Porter; Sophia Dubina, Austin Ave; Gilmore & Brown, 809 W. Cass; Kelly & Presley, 112 W. Porter; John Pizewski, 519 Austin. The following pool room licenses were granted: C. L. Farwell, 207 N. Superior; Herman Boldt, 203 N. Superior; Frank Bennett, 107 W. Porter; Behling Brothers 123 N. Superior; W. B. Clarke, 208 S. Superior."

"Flu Results in 3 Local Deaths. Three deaths occurred in the city from pneumonia superinduced by the influenza within the space of 6 hours Saturday night and Sunday morning."

February 6, 1920: "Learning last night that Mrs. X, who is ill with influenza and the Albion City Hospital was in serious condition, Prosecuting Attorney Adrian F. Cooper took a humanitarian view of the situation and allowed X, awaiting examination in the county jail at Marshall for the alleged killing of Nick Martin, to be released temporarily to come to Albion to see his wife and look after the children until Mrs. X is better."

"The Martin murder plot in Albion is deepening daily. According to Sheriff Lucas, Mrs. Martin has been practically robbed of her husband's estate, is now penniless, the store being run by relatives of the murdered man, and Mrs. Martin has been forced to go to work in one of the factories in Albion in an attempt to gain a livelihood for herself and children."

February 10, 1920: "Omar Karzak, 39, a laborer in one of the local factories, died at the city hospital at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon of pneumonia. He was a Syrian by birth and was born in Arabia. He had been in this country for about 4 years and most of this time he had resided in Albion. He leaves a wife who is in Armenia at the present time."

"The hub plant of the Hayes Wheel Company, located in this city, already one of the largest manufactories of its kind in the world, is making additions to its equipment, including new buildings and machinery already received or ordered, which will increase its present capacity from 15,000 to 25,000 hubs per day, according to an announcement made today by officials of the concern."

"In the death of Omar Karzak, the prosecution loses one of its strongest witnesses in the X murder case. Karzak was the confidant and close friend of Nick Martin, the murdered man, and had lived with him for nine years in the old country. This is the second witness the prosecution has lost since X's arrest; the other having been a Detroit man who was deported to Russia a few days ago. The latter is said to have known of certain statements made by X's relative to the murder."

February 12, 1920. Headline: "City Council Does Routine Business. No Matters of Great Importance Come up before Regular Meeting of City Dads."

February 17, 1920: It was announced today by George T. Bullen, proprietor of Bullen's Big Busy Store at the NW corner of Superior & Erie Sts., that the business would be conducted in the future under the name of the George T. Bullen Company, having incorporated to the amount of $5,000 having been made by Donald D. Bullen, Mr. Bullen's son, and Fred A. Richey coming into a share of the business."

February 20, 1920. The remodeled West Ward School building has been occupied for the past 10 days with the pupils of the first, second and third grades who had been temporarily housed at the Dalrymple and Austin Schools until the improvements and addition to the either building should be completed. Two commodious rooms have been added to the original building. The grounds occupy an entire block and afford plenty of space for any form of recreation. Lena Cable, Margaret Boone, and Bernice Kersey are the teachers in charge."

February 24, 1920. The Michigan State Telephone Company is planning to follow out their long-laid plans to remove the unsightly and inconvenient telephone poles from Superior St. The telephone people claim that the cost will be in the neighborhood of $20,000."

February 26, 1920. "Speros Andritsakes, one of the owners of the Albion Confectionery, is in this country, according to word received by his business partner Nick Kostianes."


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