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Albion 100 Years Ago - JULY 1913

Morning Star, July 7, 2013, pg. 8

Well, we didn't have any luck with identifying that "Centennial Farm" family pictured in the April 28 edition of this column. So here is another one, taken probably during the 1950s. Who is the farming couple pictured with the sign? If you know, please contact me at Albionfp@hotmail.com, or call (517) 629-5402. Thanks for your help. The man on the far left is Don Gilbert, manager of our local Consumer's Power Company.

Centennial Farm

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending July 3, 1913. "Water Supply Not Adequate. Since 1902 when the last city well was driven for the water department, a board of public works has laid about 20,000 feet of new water mains…One member of the board said today, "People use no judgment in sprinkling their lawns. I have seen spray running during a rain storm, and people sprinkling immediately after one. It is a common occurrence to see a spray going for hours in the same spot."

"Officials of the Commonwealth Power Company expressed doubt today that they would be able to provide the city with electric service tonight, and it is quite possible that it will be some time tomorrow night before the current can be turned on…The two heavy pieces of apparatus were brought into the city on the Michigan Central and sidetracked on the Albion Milling Company's spur, as near as possible to the temporary power plant. One of the transformers got beyond control of the man handling it last night and tipped over, breaking the heavy metal cap."

"Manager Nestell announced this morning that he was unable to open the Airdome until the lights are on account of the moving pictures."

"Charles Boobier jumped a board bill of $9 at the boarding house of Mrs. Elizabeth Shields, Washington St., some time ago and was arrested Thursday evening by Under Sheriff Mallory at Boobier's brother's place, three and one half miles southeast of Parma, and brought back to this city."

Week ending July 10, 1913. "Italian Wedding Celebrated Today. "High jinks" was the rule among Albion Italians today, and the biggest celebration the foreign colony has seen in some moons was started this morning, with the marriage of Catherine Crimons and Jim Torre."

"Albion Theatres Need More Exits. After an inspection of the theatres of the city yesterday and Tuesday, Sam Robinson of Charlotte, lately appointed a deputy state fire marshal, ordered the owners of the Airdome, the Princess and the Bijou to provide more exits and make other changes making for the safety of their patrons."

"Chief Peabody received a check for $100 Tuesday morning from the Commonwealth Power Company in appreciation for the services rendered to the Company by the fire department during the recent fire. The money will be placed in the Firemen's fund, which is for the benefit of local firemen in case of sickness or accidents."

"The entire community has been deeply moved and saddened at the death Sunday afternoon of Mrs. James Clifford Smith, Brockway Place. Ruth Evangeline Parker was born June 23, 1890 at Lockport, New York…On the afternoon of commencement day June 13, 1912, but a few hours after receiving her degree of bachelor of arts from Albion College, she became the bride of James Clifford Smith, of the Globe Slide and Film Company of this city. A baby son, Clifford Parker Smith, who came just a few hours before his mother passed away, will be a source of consolation for those left behind."

Week ending July 17, 1913: "Council Refuses to Purchase Property. City Fathers think price asked for Haight property for Cemetery addition too high. At the meeting of the common council last evening the committee on public grounds and building reported $4,000 as the minimum price, which the owners of the Haight farm would take for the addition which the cemetery board has requested for burial purposes."

Week ending July 24, 1913: "Miss Jeanette Timberlake of Aberdeen, North Dakota, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Timberlake, Mulberry St."


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