Minority Program Services

What started as a help-line in 1970 to help people in crisis has evolved into a multi-faceted organization to help children, youth, and families, during each critical point in their lives.  Minority Program Services had an almost humble beginning, with college students manning help lines for those in trouble with drugs. 

Today, it helps people before they get into trouble with drugs, as well as helping those already hooked. 

Minority Program Services recent move (to Wyndam Woods Centre in Albion) is only the latest in a 27 - year history of name changes and relocations.  What follows is a brief history of the group, according to its current directory Harry Bonner, Sr. 

    1970 -  The Albion Help Line begins operating out of Albion College. 
    1971 - The Help Line becomes the Drop-In Center on Walnut Street 
    1972 - The Drop-In Center moves to 217 Center Street 
    1975 - Bonner works two years at Albion High School, during which he said he learned to work with young people 
    1977 - Bonner becomes assistant director of Albion Drop - In Center 
    1979 - the Center becomes part of REACH, Inc. (Referral, Education, Awareness, Crisis Intervention, and Health.) 
    1982 - The group becomes Call Someone Concerned and operates out of the Professional Plaza near Sheldon Manor.  Later it merges with an Adrian version of the program.  Bonner serves as prevention specialist. 
    1984 - Bonner becomes the education coordinator for both programs in Albion and Adrian. 
    1986 - Call Someone Concerned becomes the four - county Substance Abuse Prevention Agency. 
    1989 - SAPA loses its funding.  Bonner is soon put in charge of Minority Program Services by Bonnie John-Murray, then director of South Central Michigan Substance Abuse Coordinating Agency.  "She is one of the people that I have the utmost respect for, " Bonner said.  The offices moved to 112 Superior Street. 
    1997 - Minority Program Services moves in with Behavioral Health Resources at 300 B. Drive, Albion, Michigan. 


Harry Bonner, Sr. Harry J. Bonner, Sr.  Executive Director 

Harry Bonner, Sr. was called on early on in his career to work with young people. As the executive  director of Minority Program Services in Albion, he has been able to recognize the needs of young people, including educational and social opportunities, and respond to those needs in a manner consistent with his beliefs. 

Minority Program Services is a substance abuse prevention program aimed at providing young people with academic, social, and life skills to be able to succeed in life.  Through Mr. Bonner's dedicated efforts, young people have been able to learn, grow and interact with others in the community, state and nation. 

Reaching beyond his professional position in substance abuse prevention, Mr. Harry Bonner, Sr. has made a long-term commitment to the success of children and youth in Calhoun County.  His efforts have been praised by local school districts, government agencies, state and regional substance abuse agencies, and state and national Cooperative Extension organizations. 

Mr. Bonner's motto is "Sucess is a choice."  It is your decision.


Joined in a commitment to do all we can  to prevent the further increase of community problems and loss of life caused by drug use and abuse. 

To provide the leadership in developing a community wide vision and plan for eliminating substance abuse in Calhoun County community. 

Minority Program Services is the only primary Minority Focus Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Program in the Calhoun County area, and received national recognition from the Michigan State University Children, Youth and Families Program. Minority Program Services reached over 50,000 people each year with their anti drug message of positive youth development. 

Minority Program Services Provides: 

  • Immediate answers and connections to alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention services for families and individuals who don't know where to begin.
  • Educational enrichment programs in schools, after school programs, for parents, community groups, and the general public. Minority Program Services programs are provided by license, certified substance abuse prevention experts who understand the problems and know how to help.
  • Funding, management and technical support to grassroots, citizen-led groups in neighborhoods, churches and throughout the county who want to mobilize a volunteer effort to reduce alcohol, tobacco, an other drug problems.
  • Staff, who serve as facilitators and conveners for
    •    Albion Black Family Reunion
    •    Kwanzaa Institute for Youth Development
    •    Albion Men of Vision
    •    A Guide to the Winners Circle
    •    Community Partnerships for Drug Prevention
    •    Substance Abuse Workgroup of the Calhoun County Human Service Coordinating Council
    •    Safe & Drug Free Schools Violence Prevention Program
    •    Albion Health Alliance 200 Project
    •    City of Albion Community Oriented Problem Solving Project
    •    Communities Advisory Committee
    •    Communities That Care
  • A public voice for substance abuse prevention and treatment, speaking out on public policies that will affect our youth and the community as a whole.


    Minority Program Services
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    Minority Program Services
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