Minority Program Services
Athletic Youth Development 

Institute for Academics, Athletics & Leadership Development

  • To create and motivate a desire to succeed and excel.
  • To provide an outlet for student / athletes interest and abilities
  • To develop high ideas of fairness in all human relationships.
  • To practice self-discipline and emotional maturity in learning to make decisions under pressure.
  • To provide opportunities to develop leadership skills to become role models for their peers.
  • To be socially competent and operate within a set of rules, expectations, and values.
  • To actively articulate and communicate skills, emotions, and values openly.
N.B.A. (Nutrition Basketball Academics)
Our goal is to provide life skills, which is only part of recreation.  We want them to be positive young people and to do that you've go to teach them at a young age.  To do that, 9-to-12 year old boys and girls from the Albion Public School System are confronted with what director Harry Bonner terms "the three A's."
Attitude, academics, and ability are stressed, with ability  focused on the least.  The least important one, at this age, is ability.  Attitude and academics is something are really try to stress.

Operation H.I.M. (He's Interested in Me)
This program provides a structured environment for 160 elementary and middle school age boys and girls, the opportunity to interact with each other in appropriate ways. This program not only teaches youth fundamental basketball skills, but also exposes and equips each youngster with the ability to problem solve in an appropriate way,. Operation H.I.M. teaches each participant discipline which is necessary in everyday life as well as in sports. Methods used include, basketball drills, basketball rule discussion, parent involvement, Life discussions, didactic group counseling, individual counseling, outside performances.

Champion's Corner Program
Goal- to help the student athlete see the perils of negative peer pressure and to set up a sport system to combat such pressure. Educate the Athlete about both negative and positive peer pressure through a series of lectures, video tapes and literary materials.  The program will provide the participants an alternative to negative behavior.  The relationships developed by athletes will also provide alternatives to negative behavior.

 Minority Program Services
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Minority Program Services
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