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4-H Youth Development Education Program creates supportive environments for culturally diverse youth and adults to reach their fullest potential. 
Harry Bonner, found that 4-H materials fit exactly with his teaching philosophy as director for Minority Program Services. Bonner organized a state-wide workshop targeted for blacks and Hispanics who worked in public health, human services, substance abuse, juvenile court, education, athletics, and business. Harry administers 4-H clubs for elementary, junior and senior high students and assists in the program development of the Power House 4-H club, an Hispanic group.  When Harry approaches potential volunteers, his style is personal and positive.  "I work with people one on one," Bonner explained. "If a YMCA director is working with students, I point out ways he can use 4-H in addition to whatever else he's doing.  People are more receptive if you introduce new programs gradually." 
  • 4-H Exploration Days
  • 4-H Vista Program
  • 4-H School-to-Work Programs
  • 4-H Careers Development Programs
  • 4-H Volunteer training
  • 4-H Youth Leadership Training
  • 4-H National Congress 
 Mr. Rudy       
Mr. Rudy - EDUtainer 

Say Yes to Positive Choices 
Say Yes to Positive /choices is a creative hands-on multisensory educational program targeting third grade through eighth grade students.  This program introduces its participants to multisensory tools for learning, positive motivational techniques (PMT) and integrative teaching methods for improved student interest and participation, which includes: 
1. Auditory, visual, kinesthetic, musical, thematic instruction and group teaching. 
2. Concepts utilized   to enhance listening skills, resolving conflict and drug and alcohol resistance. 
3. Aiding students in building self-esteem, obtaining self-discipline, decision making abilities. 
4. Developing leadership qualities, personal power while reinforcing positive citizenship and school attendance. 
5. Peer cooperation and multicultural acceptance. 
6. Providing a vehicle for learning about careers and job opportunities. 
7. Engaging students and their parents in community based programs that help reinforce positive parenting and self worth in their homes, schools and neighborhoods. 
8. Participate in and produce an instructional multisensory educational music video that will serve as a model for others on a national level. 

Power of Love  
This presentation is a combination of excerpts and original songs   that reinforce the words and inspirational speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the subject of the power of love, nonviolence, and change.  May this collection of music, words and songs be a moving, passionate, and gripping remembrance of Martin. "Mr. Rudy, EDUtainer, Creative Arts and Humanities Fund. 

Youth Power Education Program 
Research shows four attributes which consistently describe the resilient child -- the child who succeeds despite challenging or difficult environments.  These attributes are social competence, problem solving skills, autonomy, and a sense of purpose and future.  The Youth Power program fosters these attributes and holds that young people have positive skills and attributes to be tapped and strengthened. 

Youth Power is a ntional youth development organization that helps keep kids off drugs and alcohol.  Formerly "Just Say /no" International, Youth Power works with existing community organizations and school-based programs focusing on three key building blocks: community attachment, academic commitment and strengthened family bonds.  In each Youth Power Team, young people, under the guidance and supervision of adults and older-peer volunteers, are trained to provide service to their peers, schools and communities.  Using materials and modules developed nationally by Youth Power, local teams operate independently or in tandem with other programs. 

Rather than a one-shot educational approach, our prevention model builds youth protective factors by teaching skills that facilitate youth-led solutions to community problems.  Youth Power kids learn how to bring their power to bear to help others and in the process become better, more resilient young citizens.  The activities and projects they provide are able to help kids get out of gangs and help young people deal with issues related to teen pregnancy, suicide, drugs, date rape, AIDS, homelessness, and domestic violence.  This national movement of more than 60,000 youth is committed to working together to build safe communities filled with healthy kids. 


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