Minority Program Services
Violence Prevention Training Programs 
Violence Prevention Institute  - Dealing with Anger   
(Violence Prevention Programs for African American Youth ) From Respect and Protect. 
  • A practical, step-by-step violence prevention and intervention program for schools and communities.
  • Violence in Society, Violence in Our Schools.
  • What is Violence, and Why Do We Need to Define it?
  • Changing the Attitudes of Entitlement and Tolerance.
  • A Closer Look at the Enabling System.
  • Examples of Bully/Victim Conflict.
  • Why Schools Should Focus on Bully/Victim Conflict.
  • Environmental Control: The Adult Centered Prevention Element.
  • Choices, Consequences, and Contracts: The Student Centered Intervention Element.
  • Student Support Groups.
  • Implementation: Putting Respect and Protect to Work in Your School.
  • Evaluating the Respect & Protect Program.
  • A Comment on the Recovery Process and Using Respect and Protect with Student Assistance Programs.

Communities that Care Project 

Creating a Safe School Infrastructure 
While many violence prevention strategies are effective alone, their value is greater when they are combined. Moreover, effective drug and violence prevention education programs must involve all members of a community.  Schools alone cannot solve the problem. Learning at home about remaining nonviolent is very important, of course, but school and community programs are also valuable partners. 

The Albion Public Schools has formed a Violence Free School Committee.  This committee consists of interested community members and the Assistant Superintendent.  Meetings are held monthly and the committee reports to the Superintendent.  Results of evaluation will be reported annually and shared at school board meetings.  The plan will be reviewed and updated annually. 
Substance Abuse Prevention Partnerships 

 Albion Prevention  Network 
The  Albion Prevention  Network is a community based partnership of representatives from local community organizations who come together regularly to discuss and act on specific local issues and concerns as they affect a wide range of substance abuse related problems and conditions. 


Minority Program Services
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